Energize Your Employees With Chip Eichelberger’s Advice

While good keynote speakers give a memorable address, there’s a crucial component that differentiates it from just any other speech: it’s specifically tailored for the event at hand. While many keynote speakers have ample experience giving speeches to a wide variety of audiences, their advice can come off as generic or cliché because it is recycled, and does not suit the needs of the audience members. Chip Eichelberger recognizes how vital it is for a keynote speech to relate to your organization’s business model and theme. He not only customizes his speeches for your specific audience, but also incorporates some much-needed humor in his inspiring and interactive talk. Chip specializes in opening and after meal presentations, as well as closing speeches.

Chip comes from modest beginnings: a graduate of the University of Oregon, he started out working as a sales representative for Jantzen Sportswear. He then worked with Tony Robbins and was awarded Sales Leader of the Year twice, going on to serve as Robbins’ international point man — pointing the flag for Tony in both the UK and Australia. Since then, Chip has also become a successful author. His latest title, The Smart Guide to Accomplishing Your Goals, adds to a long list of other video, audio and print materials that Chip has produced.

Many don’t really think about a vital attribute that’s necessary for optimal performance at work: energy. Chip understands that in order to achieve the best possible results, employees must be constantly energized in order to offer their best and make the company a leader in its industry. Chip’s program, “Get Switched On! The Power of Attitude and Activity,” instantly energizes the audience and motivates them to take action. Whether you’re looking for employees on your team to learn new skills, enhance customer service or just improve overall performance, “Get Switched On!” helps adjust their mindset to one that’s ultimately crucial for success. “Switched On!” addresses a number of pressing questions about work performance, including why early detection is necessary to prevent failure and how to truly achieve balance with long-term success.

Chip not only forces audience members to re-assess their current strategy and mindset at work, but also gets his listeners involved and participating in the program itself. So if audience members were looking to doze off at the final speech of the night, forget it — this talk is unforgettable!

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